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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DIY enamel mini dots from mini pony beads

Yes, I am at it again with melting plastic dots in my oven and fuming up the house. This time I was caught and asked what I was doing. As a disclaimer, the fumes are bad and I have stove fan on and all windows open with all ceiling fans on. The fumes went away fast. The crazy things I do to save money are a bit biazarre. I was not the first person to think "oh let's melt this plastic in my oven and see what it does". And Carla from racin crafts was not either I am sure. So, the normal sized pony beads did not equal the cute little dot embellishments I have had my eye on. I went to Joann's and with a coupon, I think they were 2.99 for 1,500 of them. That's a lot cheaper to make them. I choose this one because I liked the colors, but it am thinking clear might be interesting to try out too. Oven was at 400 again. This time for 12 mins. Turned out well, a few stuck together but I liked the look. No project to show yet, but here's my pictures of the process:
This is what beads looked like on my waxed paper lined cookie sheet before baking.
Close up of them baked with orginal unbaked beads so you can see the difference.

All baked! This shows the bottoms as smooth like the bigger ones.
I am storing my enamel dots in old baby food jars. They work perfectly! On the left is the regular sized pony beads and the right is the mini beads.

Thank you for stopping by! I will use them on a project and post for sure soon. I need now to remind you that as of 7/31 CTMH is retiring some great stuff. Act fast! www.fromtheheart.ctmh.com #diycrafts #fumes #cheap #funtomake


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