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Saturday, September 27, 2014

University of Memphis bag, card, and cake topper video how to

Happy Sat everyone! I am busy working with the new print then cut on my explore. Video of th University of .memphis stuff I made finally loaded, so I hope you enjoy it! If you can't see it from your email, click on the title and it will take you to the blog page. Make it Fromm the Heart!
Have an amazing rest of your day. I am looking forward to cake. Today's another uncles birthday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

winner of blog candy from Scrapping Madge's birthday hop!!

If you missed the hop, you can see my post here! I am so excited to announce my first blog candy winner ever. The Candy goes to drum roll please......Nicole Hansen!!!! Please pm me with your address.

Congratulations!!! Enjoy your new mini stamp set!!
****Update, Nicole Hansen never contacted me for her prize, so if you know her, please remind her she hasn't responded. If i don't get a response, I will assume she is not interested in the prize****

University of Memphis birthday

My uncle went to the University of Memphis and lives there with his adore able wife and twin girls. So this year with my explore, I decided to make him University of Memphis card, cake topper, and bag. I made a video to show how I did the bag in design space, but it isn't finished loading yet. I took a picture of the logo and used design space and my cricut explore. I decorated the envelope with 30 days of Happy mini stamp set from Close to My Heart.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mystery Science Theater 3000 how to video

As promised yesterday, here's my video on the how I made this card. If reading by email, click the title in the blog and it'll take you to my page to watch it.  Here's the charm I am working on now.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mystery Science Theater 3000!

I am so excited to share this card and decorations with you that I made with Cricut Design Space and my Cricut Explore!!!  I have a close friend at work that loves Mystery Science Theater 3000. She and her dad even made the robots from the show. I have not learned yet how to make my own svg's so I didn't have time to figure out how to cut out the robots in layers so they look like they do in the show. I borrowed the dvd of the Gamma episodes to watch while I was creating. That was so much fun!Here's the characters I hope to one day make.
But, for now I am really happy about how my card and decorations turned out. I was so excited to do the tutorial that I ended up videoing how I did parts of the card in design space. Since uploading to youtube takes a long time, it will be tomorrow before I can post that in my blog. So, please check back tomorrow! I am going to do some experimenting today with my Cricut Explore. I had an idea that I ran out of time to try out last week. I am trying to get as much cut today as possible because tomorrow design space will be down. I have plenty to do and catch up on, so no time will be wasted. Back to the project! I want to have this post show in email for today for my followers! I follow myself by email and I enjoy seeing it post. It's the little things!
Here's what I watched as I worked!

 Here's what Design Space looked like after I uploaded basic image and cleaned it up.
Here's my finished card!!!  I love it!! In the video tomorrow, I will walk you thru making it!
I had these on the desk top instead of confetti!

I made them long enough to fit on the computer monitor so it looks like they are watching whatever she is doing at work(and probably commenting on it too!!!) I also added it to a picture she had.

I arranged the flowers myself and put the card in a florist pick. I thought it was the best way to display it and I finished the decor with a brought birthday banner. I reuse these so much and just make my own stuff to add to the theme!

This is the outside of her cubicle. It looks like they are looking at the banner. She was thrilled with her office decor. Susan is an amazing friend and one of the best people I know. I really enjoy each year creating something for her. She goes and picks out some fun things to decorate for my birthday the last few years and then she and Heather go and work together on creating something happy.Here's what they did this year.

My office had these fun sweet themed decor!!
She manged to make my empty cube more jolly too! Please check back in the not too distant future for more mst3k!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

CTMH Artfully Sent florist pick and happy Saturday!

Thank you for stopping by! Today I am going to show what I did for one of yesterday's birthdays. I thought I'd finish with  this Artfully Sent card I keep showing before I move on with the University of   Memphis and Mystery Science theater stuff I made. I also need to post from this great stamp set. So much great stuff I received all at once. I have to finish a St Louis Cardinals card I started. I also have to start working on my grandmas 90th birthday party stuff. I am a bit stumped. I am going to take time today to do some things I have been looking forward to. I am doing one of them now in writing this post. I am thankful for anyone taking time to read this. So, my good friend at work went to work somewhere else in town, and she turned 50. I wanted to do a little something for her on her special day. I decorated my empty cubicle beside me and then begged her to come by and visit. The leaves that say happy birthday were made by Heather. I like to take what I already have sometimes and just add to it. These cheap birthday banners have held up so well. I don't think my handmade ones would for as much as I like to decorate for birthdays. Sorry for being long winded today! Ok, on with the pics!
Here's the birthday girl, Queen. I really miss her at work.

I used the Artfully sent card I have shown so much in the florist pick. I just thought the card was so beautiful that it added something special to the arrangement. I also enjoy arranging flowers. Both my grandmothers are skilled at this. The one turning 90 used to arrange the flowers for church. I have the newspaper there because I would give her a newspaper nearly everyday for her husband. My husband delivers newspapers every night. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

video on Artfully Sent Deer and Rabbit Scene card

Welcome!!  As promised yesterday, here is the short video I made to show how the Deer and Rabbit Scene card from the Artfully Sent CTMH Cricut cartridge opens. The kraft cardstock cuts as one piece and you fold the tree in on the left and the rabbit and the deer in on the right. After I made the card, I realized I could have cut the rabbit and deer in a different color, but I love the little details the Shinhan Touch Twin marker made. I used the markers with a very light hand so they did not bleed thru. I went over the edges of the tree branch, deer, and rabbit so they would stand out more. I made two cards in 5 minutes flat!
Heres a picture of the how I used one card for a 50th birthday: 
I know this is a super short post. I worked last night on two birthdays for today. I will post about those tomorrow.
I have two friends at work with birthdays on the same day. More about that tomorrow.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

CTMH Artfully Sent circut cartridge first card

I am so excited to share with you the card I made yesterday. The new Artfully Sent CTMH Cricut cartridge is just amazing!! It took me a bit to figure out what awesome card I wanted to make first. I decided on this beautiful nature scene of a deer and a rabbit. I saw this card from pictures at the CTMH convention and I was just blown away by it. I cut the card with my explore. The background is CTMH kraft paper and then I cut the bush in pear. I added a little detail to the background with Shinhan Twin Touch Markers. I just love all the images on this cartridge!!  
 I filmed a short video of how the card opens. Stay tuned tomorrow for that! I am loving this 30 years of happy stamp set too. I stamped a bunch of cute things. I will try to get that posted soon. I was too excited to wait on this card!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Scrappin Madge Birthday Blog Hop Sept 17th

First, I want to wish Madge of Scrappin Madge the HAPPIEST of birthdays!!
If you came here from the amazingly talented Rhonda Emery, then you are at the right place.
My name is Melissa Fromm and I am a fellow Close to My Heart Consultant with Scrappin Madge. She calls me Sweet Melissa Fromm, however I am not sure what I said/did to get that title. ;) I must admit that to come up with something that is in the same league as these other designers was tough. I am so honored that Madge accepted my hop request and so after asking family and friends what I should present, they all said my Minecraft decorations. This is the first time I have showed them here. I made them by request for a boy's birthday party. My husband helped me put them together as they were a lot of work. First off, I didn't make these SVG's myself. They were given to me by Krafty Nook. She makes amazing things! I imported them into design studio one by one. Here's what the main character Steve looks like in design space for explore:
I could not find 12x24 paper, so I cut up black poster board for the base cuts. Then, the base was placed on foam core board and cut out by hand. The next step was to cut out all the different colors and layer them on the base. Then, I reversed the image on my explore and glued the base to the back and all layers so they are double sided. The base is pieces of beveled wood that we drilled holes in and then we dry fit shrewers into the holes after the pointed piece was put into the foam. The foam core sandwhich was a very sturdy base for the cuts. They do not wobble at all and a gust of wind isn't knocking them over. This was a must for an outdoor party for little boys! Steve was cut at 11.5 width. that is the max width for him due to his axe, so I adjusted all the others to look ok with him. After the base is put on, the piece measured over 16 inches tall. Here they all are:
Here's what just the poster board of the sheep cut out looked like next to finished Steve and Creeper:
Here they are on a table in different lighting so you can see both sides:

The fun thing about these is they could be played with and put in the child's room after the party. The party was a huge sucess! I only hope Madge has an amazing day today!!! Thanking for hopping by! I am giving away this mini CTMH stamp set as blog candy from my page:
The stamp set I am giving away is brand new. the one pictured is my personal one. I have two rules in being eligible for the stamp set: 1: you can't be a CTMH consultant, 2 you must follow and comment on my blog. I will take the names of all who qualify and draw one lucky winner by Sept 20th. I would love it for all to follow my blog. I love making birthday cards and projects and thats mostly what I do, but I just brought a bunch of stuff to start working on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! It will be a very Merry rest of the year. I am celebrating a lot the end of this year. Sept 1st was my 10 year work aniversary,my grandma turns 90 next month, Nov will mark my 10 year wedding anniversary and the 1 year anniversary to major surgery I had last year. There's so much to celebrate as I am doing so well and feeling so much better. I am a world better than I was!

Next up on this fabulous hop is Tammy Smith! Thanks again for hopping by!

Here's the blog roll in case you came here from some where else and what to check in on the fun:
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Remember there is blog candy offered thru Scrappin Madge herself: Yellow Fuji Polaroid camera for one lucky winner, another lucky winner could win the amazing mini album by Rhonda Emery,
and one more could win the Peachy Keen Stamp set from Linsey Rickett!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Artfully Sent is Here at Last!

Yes, you read that right! The circut cartridge I have been longing to own is FINALLY available for order! I ordered mine today! I wasted no time! Comes with 700 images to cut, 24 sheets of white daisy cardstock, and two amazing stamp sets.
Here'a an example of the easy cards to make.
These some amazing pop up cards and scene cardslike this:

Here's a video that shows some of it:

If you want to order yours click on this link and away you go! http://frommtheheart.ctmh.com/Retail/Product.aspx?ItemID=7949&ci=1366