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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mystery Science Theater 3000!

I am so excited to share this card and decorations with you that I made with Cricut Design Space and my Cricut Explore!!!  I have a close friend at work that loves Mystery Science Theater 3000. She and her dad even made the robots from the show. I have not learned yet how to make my own svg's so I didn't have time to figure out how to cut out the robots in layers so they look like they do in the show. I borrowed the dvd of the Gamma episodes to watch while I was creating. That was so much fun!Here's the characters I hope to one day make.
But, for now I am really happy about how my card and decorations turned out. I was so excited to do the tutorial that I ended up videoing how I did parts of the card in design space. Since uploading to youtube takes a long time, it will be tomorrow before I can post that in my blog. So, please check back tomorrow! I am going to do some experimenting today with my Cricut Explore. I had an idea that I ran out of time to try out last week. I am trying to get as much cut today as possible because tomorrow design space will be down. I have plenty to do and catch up on, so no time will be wasted. Back to the project! I want to have this post show in email for today for my followers! I follow myself by email and I enjoy seeing it post. It's the little things!
Here's what I watched as I worked!

 Here's what Design Space looked like after I uploaded basic image and cleaned it up.
Here's my finished card!!!  I love it!! In the video tomorrow, I will walk you thru making it!
I had these on the desk top instead of confetti!

I made them long enough to fit on the computer monitor so it looks like they are watching whatever she is doing at work(and probably commenting on it too!!!) I also added it to a picture she had.

I arranged the flowers myself and put the card in a florist pick. I thought it was the best way to display it and I finished the decor with a brought birthday banner. I reuse these so much and just make my own stuff to add to the theme!

This is the outside of her cubicle. It looks like they are looking at the banner. She was thrilled with her office decor. Susan is an amazing friend and one of the best people I know. I really enjoy each year creating something for her. She goes and picks out some fun things to decorate for my birthday the last few years and then she and Heather go and work together on creating something happy.Here's what they did this year.

My office had these fun sweet themed decor!!
She manged to make my empty cube more jolly too! Please check back in the not too distant future for more mst3k!!


  1. I'm a new follower. I love your card. You made it so special for your friend. Great party décor.

  2. Thank you so much! Your comment made my day!