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Monday, December 29, 2014

Iron on vinyl camouflage hat and my awesome cousin

Happy Monday and thank you for stopping by!!  My cousin, Braden, really likes camouflage and fishing. I brought this hat at a local hunting supply shop and I cut his name out of white iron on vinyl from www.expressionsvinyl.com. The front is cricut alphabet. I played with the sizing until I thought it would be the right size and then I cut it in paper just to test it. The fish is from the subscription. It was my first attempt at iron on vinyl with my explore and it cut perfectly. I had to make sure and reverse the image and name before I cut. I had no trouble weeding out the background. I had issues ironing it since it is a curved surface, but I took my time and put my hand covered in a towel inside the hat while I pressed against the design with the iron. I used the recommended iron setting of highest one that is not steam. You have to cut iron on vinyl with the clear plastic side down on the mat and then after you weed out the part of your design so that only want you want is left, you have to iron with the clear plastic side up and then the heat of the iron will adhere it. This vinyl was easy because I didn't have to wait for it to cool before removing the plastic cover.  The d is not perfect, but with the white in the camouflage, it looked good.
Here's my cousin modeling the hat! I had so much fun making gifts this year!
Thank you for stopping by. There's more cups to come and I finished the scrapbook of the studio J and picture my life sets I gave. I will get to show those soon.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Glass block update

I made a lot of gifts, so I am going to break up the posts. I just wanted to show off my finished glass blocks from the other day with their bows. Everyone one loved them yesterday and I have more to share. I have been quite busy. This one is going to my aunt that lives in DE.
 This one was for my aunt who is really into cardinals for Christmas.
This one went to my mom.

Please excuse the mess in the background. I did not have time to take them outside. 
Now for a few you haven't seen yet. It went to my dad. I printed the family dog on cricut vinyl and cut with my explore. I did the Baltimore Orioles logos the same way. 
This one was all printable vinyl. It is my cousin's pictures I got from I Instagram . It has him holding a fish on the side and the front is his boat, fish in the shape of a heart and he and his girlfriend. I tied twine around it and added fishing floats. 

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you had a merry Christmas. We sure did.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lighted glass blocks


I have been working on Christmas gifts. I just wanted to show some I finished all but the bow. I used my cricut explore to cut cricut brand midnight vinyl. I had an issue with the explore cutting too deep, even though I had set it on custom and then cricut brand chalkboard vinyl. I switched over to cricut brand printable vinyl setting and that worked like a charm. It didn't mess up my image. I am very happy I waited to make sure it was cutting like I wanted before I went off to work on something else. The explore cut through the vinyl carrier on the first block:
The vinyl still turned out brilliantly. I got this image from a Facebook group. It didn't look like anything until you put it on the block. This next block's design is a Teresa Collins Dec 25th image from the subscription. I added a circle that I sliced in design studios for the eye. I just felt like it needed an eye. My aunt is really into cardinals for Christmas decorations. I hope she loves it. I had some sir bubbles I'll have to tackle later. But,I thought it turned out well. 
my last design I believe is a svg cut. I think it's my favorite so far. All designs were cut at 7x 7 but I think 6 would be a better size since some over lapped. 
Thank you for stopping by. Special thanks to Sarah who first showed these to me.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

CTMH snow haven card making kit

Hello, today I finally mailed the cards I made with the CTMH snow haven card making kit. I changed up one card that had "we go together like Christmas and a sweater" to be the sing glory stamp set. I stamping the angel in glacier and hark saying in slate over it. Here's what the cards look like in the kit brochure:
Here's my take:
These were a lot of fun to make and no cricut needed. I'll be resting my paper trimmer for awhile and using my explore to make Christmas presents.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Lighted Glass Blocks

Hello! I have been waiting on materials to arrive to work on Christmas presents. I received my order from Cricut this weekend, so I am so excited to work on all these glass blocks I got from Menards. There is not a Menards close to where I live, but there is one on the way from my cousin's home in Missouri. I called and ordered 20 blocks on there 2/$6 preblack Friday sale and my cousin brought them to me for Thanksgiving. She gave me a picture of her on her new horse "Party at the Ritz", but the background was not very pretty. We don't know the people in the background  and they looked bored. It took away from my cousin and her horse! I had to remedy that!
First I sprayed the block on bought sides with spray frost. It is like spray paint. I sprayed two thin coats on each side and then let it dry over night. I did glass votive holders with snowflakes and frost several years ago so I learned that the longer you wait, the less likely the frost will rub off.

 Then I used my design space software to erase the entire background of the photo. I printed on Cricut printable vinyl with my printer and then used my explore to cut it out perfectly.
The vinyl was like a big sticker and was so easy to apply to the glass block. I added a bow.
 I cut out the horse's name and the year with my explore and outdoor vinyl(it's what I had) and applied to the block.
 Here they are with the light on! I got these lights at the Dollar Tree.
My cousin absolutely loved the gift. Since she and her friend went to all the trouble to haul these to me, they got the first gift of the year. I was delighted to have been there and watched her ride in person. These glass blocks are perfect. They are thin and they have a large opening at the bottom with a almost silicon like material that fits in the hole and theres a round hole perfect for this light and theres also a plug for the hole, if you wanted to fill the block. Thank you for stopping by. I have been working on more cups and Christmas cards so I'll be posting those soon.