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Sunday, February 1, 2015

St Louis Cardinal box card

Today I have a video of the St Louis Box card I made for Kevin. I found a website that sells personalized jerseys and I typed in his name and 27 (his birth day number)and printed the sample picture. I also found a Marque that said happy birthday and I added Kevin to it. I saw found where you can have a birthday certificate from the St Louis cardinals and I added his name and date of birth to it. The box card base was by a blogger name Awesome Svgs. It had school stuff on it, but I ungrouped it and deleted all but the shell of the card.

The cardinals rest of  the pictures, I found thru a google image search. I used the clear shell of a circut cartridge  and I cut it into strips. I used atg tape on the balloons, the STL, the cake with the hat on it, and the cardinals baseball to the top of each strip and stapled them to the inside card base. I love how well the circut explore cut each of these images. After I hit go in design space, my printer printed each image, and then I put my printed sheet on the circut mat and it cut everything out. That is where the video starts. Here is the video,if you subscribe to my blog by email, then the video may not show here, but if you will come to my blog, you can see it. 

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you like this card. Kevin loved it. It is a fun card for any Cardinals fan. Here is the outside of the card.

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