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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Starbucks logo coffee cup

Hello! I know I haven't made much this month. I am getting a new computer next week and then I'll be working on crafts and cards for Christmas gifts. I was able to get my laptop to work long enough to cut my first vinyl ever! I got this vinyl as free scrap from a sign store. It is outdoor grade. It cut perfectly. I went back to the sign shop months later and then didn't have any scraps and the quote they gave me to buy was high. It could be worth it, but I am going shopping today and see if I can get outdoor vinyl at a better price because I have brought so many things that are waiting for vinyl and most if them are cups or glass cutting boards. I am set on making car window decals. I also have a bunch of tshirts. I went to a great website, http://www.festisite.com/logo/starbucks/ , and I made myself a travel coffee cup. Since it was my first time with vinyl, I wanted to test it out on myself before I started making gifts. I found my cup at the dollar tree. I choose colored lids over the white ones because they don't stain like the white and I love coffee. I am also a fan of Starbucks, but not of green.  Here's what the cup looked like before:
I took the sleeve off and cut it so that there was more room for the logo and you still had the sleeve to protect your hand. This cup actually holds the heat really well. I only brought ones that had a good seal on the cap. I had to really work to push the newly cut sleeve up towards the top of the cup, but it loved the result. I will try to cut the next sleeve better. For the design, the festisite website is so easy to customize. I just typed in my name instead of Starbucks and it perfectly curved my name at the top. Then I saved it as a JPEG file. I uploaded it in design space using the basic upload and then I used the most detailed chose on the right. I used the erase tool to erase every bit of the white so that the explore would cut that out and then just as easy as that I had my logo ready to cut! I sized it to 3 inches and cut on my explore with the highest vinyl setting since this vinyl is so thick and it cut perfectly! I used a excato knife and a straight pin to pull off the parts that needed to remain white. This went really well. The hardest part was the nose and the mouth. I used magic cover contact paper from the dollar tree as my transfer tape and I just rubbed the design really well and gently lifted the vinyl off it's backer and on to the magic cover like a sticker, then I placed the vinyl on my cup and rubbed the vinyl over and over until I pulled the magic cover off and like magic it came off and the vinyl was stuck perfectly to the cup. Here's my finished cup!

Here's I am modeling it!
Here's my cup beside my morning coffee today so you can see the design is close to Starbucks. You can only use the logo for gifts, not to sale. It is a parody not original logo.
I am going to try to use the same website to curve other sayings and then take out the Starbucks girl and add in other designs to the center. Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!!! I cant wait to make one...