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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Dad

I have been off celebrating my dad's birthday (11/6/14)and watching my great cousin show her new TN Walking horse. Here's the card I made for my dad. I used the print then cut feature on the Explore.
I discovered a website that allows you to take your pictures and turn them into the face on any dollar amount. That's my dad from a few birthdays ago. We went to Tunica for the horse show and I thought this card was fitting a birthday weekend in Tunica. We had his party in our room when we got there that night. For the morning, I hung this store brought banner and I had converted Baltimore Orioles svgs to print then cut and attached them to a store brought birthday balloon table piece.
I layered two dollar tree tablecloths for the table, a balloon one and a happy birthday one because the happy birthday one had so much white on it. Here's the print then cut Oriole svg's that I added tooth picks to to become cake decorations. Since we were traveling with the cake, my mom baked it in pyrex pan and then iced it and so it was plain until I added my decorations.
I thought the cake turned out cute and we didn't have to worry about the decorations getting smashed in the car ride there. Here he his with his cake all lit up.
And here is the remaing print then cuts that I put on the bed for decoration. We got there too late to go to eat with everyone. So, we just had the party in the room. Since my computer was not working before we left, I had to make these with J's computer and so I didn't get to make as much as I wanted to. For some reason his newer laptop didn't jive with Design Space. Since he fixed my computer, I will be testing it tonight to work on something for my Aunt's party tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by!


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