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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

CTMH Artiste leaf box

This is the cutest little box I made a few years ago for thanksgiving. I sized it fit to page on my imagine back then and I made enough for everyone at thanksgiving and filled them with candy. I cut everything with this beautiful paper I bought at big lots back when they sold scrapbooking supplies. I am not sure why I never posted this to my blog before, but since I have to wait until Black Friday to buy a new computer(And because I thought it was too pretty to throw out) I thought I'd share know.
Here's the inside.  I just took it apart to show you how it goes together.
Here's the outside. I just folded all the score lines and ran ribbon to each of the holes.

I folded it up and held the tab tight. I used red score tape. 
I pulled the ribbon tight and added the leaf I had colored the end and glittered the leaf. The leafis from the same cut file with the box. Glitter was applied with clear nail polish and then I went over it again to seal the glitter. 
Here's what the bottom looks like after it's assembled.

Here it is all read for the thanksgiving table. I hope you enjoyed this post. thank you for stopping by!

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