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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What I've been doing.

Hello! I have been taking some time off to rest my carpals since my wrists had been hurting and found crocheting actually helps those with problems! Knitting bothered it, but crocheting does not. I learned to crochet at long last back in May of this year. I was shown by my great grandmother when I was 6 , but I could only ever do a chain stitch. I learned knitting several years ago in less than 30 minutes. I do not know why I struggled with crochet. It is not hard. I was fortunate to spend 8 years with my great grandmother before she died at age 93. I have vivid memories of her crocheting up a storm these beautiful zig zag (chevon)blankets and I have a few of them. My first project is crocheting plastic bags to make a rug for a homeless person. I joined a craft group that meets weekly and they taught me to crochet in one short night. It has been interesting learning something new. I twisted and turned my stitches and my first project is far from perfect. I will show pictures and give the details of how to do it, if anyone is interested. 
 My retired friend from work is a member of this craft group. It is thru her church and these ladies are clever and talented. For Mother's Day they made these pocket cards that involved folding thin 12x12 paper and making a cut to make the card. It is a great way to use up thin scrapbook paper and it makes the card have a pattern on both sides.  They put flower seeds in the pocket cards and gave them to every mother for Mother's Day at their chirch. I recreated 35 of those cards to give out at work for spirit week. The guys received more masculine print cards and herb seeds. That went over well and it was a super cheap project. It felt good to use so much paper too. For Father's day gifts, we made more of these pocket cards, and a girl made crosses out of washers she super glued together. We also worked on vacation bible school projects their church didnot have the budget for the theme other vbs where doing(submerged), so they came up with their own theme of weird animals and we made all the prep for the kid's projects. We collected green plastic 20 oz bottles and cut the bottom off. The bottom of the bottle flipped over became a shell for turtles the kids were making. We cut probably 100 bottles and recycled the rest. The kids where also hot gluing wooden clothes pins together in the shape of a cross. The kids got the fun parts of assembling and keeping their creations. That is what I have been doing for the most part other than gardening and yoga. I currently have lots of cherry tomatos in my garden and blackberries in my flower bed. I plan to make blackberry freezer jam this week.  I enjoy blogging.  It is just hard for me to do from my phone. I am getting a new computer by the end of this month and it will be so much easier to share my projects with you. I wanted to share the great CTMH incentive this month first before I shared what I have been doing because it is an amazing deal. It really is. I want to get my business to not just be a hobby anymore. I want to get over my fear of putting myself out there and share the experience with others. CTMH has been a positive outlet in my life and the people I have met and work with are amazing. I have a great team that, if you join me, you would also be a part of. I am commited to helping people.  I have been doing it all my life. I really care about helping you succeed. I know I have just been a hobbyist, but I do know how to help others have the business they want to have.  I know lots of people in other direct sales businesses that are only about getting what they want. They would promote something even if it was not great. I just can't do that.  I stopped my Jamberry website because I didn't like paying $10 a month for a website and getting no sales. I still like Jamberry and can order, but truely my passion is card making and paper. I love that CTMH gives me my website for free. I wouldn't have stayed so loyal to this company,  if they were not so great to me.  I alsoa m amazed by Cricut. The company is fantastic.  I have been using the ipad app(when my ipad works) for quick projects. The computer will help me get back to doing cricut projects. My ipad just started one night jumping from different windows and so it has nade it hard to use. My laptop's screen just stopped working one day. I have had a difficult time lugging a tv around with the laptop and a bunch of cords to use the new design features Cricut released. I will get back to making cricut explore videos by next month. I  have a bunch of CTMH projects to share that I have made of the new products releasing in August, but before some amazing products retire, I want to get my projects up to show, in case anyone wants to order from me.  Someone recently said that by not keeping a blog updated,  it looks like that person doesn't care. Thus, the long winded explanation.  Thank you for reading this. I appreciate my blog followers. I am now this was super long and all over the place. Just my random thoughts I wanted to share with an update. Have a great day!

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