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Friday, September 4, 2015

Creating CTMH colors with Shinhan marker set

Hello! I found this great post from the Make it From the Heart blog by CTMH and wanted to share here. I am so excited to get into my craft room this long weekend and make this up for myself!!!  If you have any trouble reading the post below or getting the pdf of the color guide, you can view the orginal post here. One thing I would like to say is that I am blown away the brand new colors are all listed. And that some marker are exact colors in one step.

Have you ever wondered how to create our exclusive colors with the ShinHan™ Touch Twin™ markers? Well wonder no more, because we’re about to show you how!
After some experimentation, one of our amazing artists has identified winning marker combinations that faithfully replicate the colors in our exclusive color palette. We’ve used her findings to create this marker chart that shows which marker colors to mix to create our exclusive colors.
Marker ChartPretty neat, right? Now just imagine how nicely your coloring is going to coordinate with our cardstock, Fundamentals, and B&T Duos™ in your artwork! Okay, okay, let’s dive into the details of how we created this chart so you can do it at home. Here are instructions for filling out your own marker chart:
  1. Print off the marker chart. (Use this version if you prefer “colour” to “color” :) )
  2. Using our 1″ Circle Punch, punch out a circle for each color of cardstock on the chart. Attach these circles to the chart.
  3. On White Daisy cardstock, shade an area with the first marker color listed for a particular circle. Use the large tip of the marker. Then, with the ink still wet on the cardstock, shade the area with the second marker color.
  4. Some of the colors also require shading with the blender marker, additional markers, or multiple applications of specific colors. Just be sure that the ink from the previous application is still wet when applying your next color.
  5. Use our 1″ Circle Punch to punch out a circle from your marker shading, and attach it to the right of the corresponding cardstock circle.
  6. Complete steps 3 through 5 for all colors on the chart.
  7. Hang the chart in your crafting space for future reference.
  8. Do your happy dance!
Marker Chart How To
As you create this marker chart, here are a few important things to know:
  • The order in which you layer the marker colors is VERY important. Start with the first marker color, and then add the second marker color on top of the wet ink for the best results.
  • The color of the paper will affect the marker color combinations. We tested our color combinations on White Daisy cardstock.
  • Results may vary with how hard or light you press on the marker.
  • Blending markers can create a streaky texture. We love this because it makes the artwork look handmade rather than printed, so embrace the unique textures you create!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the long weekend. I am going to work to locate my ipad recharge so I can finally share all the pictures I took of convention. I have question for you, should I create a separate blog for Jamberry, or do you enjoy the Jamberry posts here? Please leave a comment and let me know. I also want to know if any of my blog followers have the Shinhan markers or are interested in getting them.

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