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Thursday, May 14, 2015

I joined Jamberry!!

I was asked by a fellow crafter to join her team. She had had a series of unfortunate incidents and was just one team member away from getting an incentive reward from Jamberry. So, now I am in her same position and need a team member. I don't think I have posted on my blog that I am really into nail art. My favorite nail art was stamping, but I only had a few plates because the Konad stamping plates are expensive. Free hand nail painting was not something I was good at. Also I am a nail bitter. It started before I can remember and is usually due to stress. I could stop for awhile, but I am usually fussing with my nails and they would break. I figured Jamberry might help me get the nail art I wanted while letting my short nails grow. I read that they stay on two weeks. I have only had my consultant kit a few days and I was so busy over the weekend that I didn't get to put them on until yesterday. I have filmed an unboxing video but I was too busy to put it together and then my ipad didn't have enough room. So, I am currently uploading a CTMH haul video from a few days earlier last week. I also videoed the Taste of Summer paper and I want to put together a video of this months CTMH specials. I am still selling CTMH. Crafting and card making is my passion and CTMH carries the best products. I don't mention it enough, but I met a lot of amazing people thru joining CTMH. These women share my passion for CTMH and we have a support system. I waited to join Jamberry on my 1 year anniversary with CTMH as an independent consultant. I felt like maybe this would be another opportunity to meet more amazing people and have more friends. I have quite a few friends, but one can never have too many. I had not heard about Jamberry until that June when my CTMH upline was having an online party. I didn't really know if I'd like them so I didn't order. Jan 2015 my friend had them on at a wedding. Her nails were amazing looking with a Galaxy design. Galaxy design is rather messy so I had never tried it. She used a hair dryer to apply the wraps and it transformed her stubby nails into little master pieces.  I was impressed. It felt out of no where that 4/28, I was messaged and asked to be on this person's team that I had been following her blog, but never met or even tried the products before. Here I am on another leap of faith. My website is   http://www.tictactoes.jamberrynails.net/ I love the username my husband suggested, TicTacToes! So cute! My facebook business page is https://www.facebook.com/TicTacToes

I filmed avideo of my unboxing when my consultant kit came! Here it is:
I put on my Jamberry wraps Monday. I have played tennis, cracked open several pounds of crab legs, had yoga, and washed my hands 100 times with no change. 

My mixed up Jamberry manicure! You can order some amazing designs and great nail care from me at www.tictactoes.jamberrynails.net thumb is teal mini polka, pointer finger is prep school, bird finger is tennis balls, ring finger is mermaid tail, and the pinky is Caribbean snakeskin! All very pretty designs.

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