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Monday, May 18, 2015

Circut explore card, mini banner, and vinyl for tumbler

Happy Monday!! Well, this Monday didn't start off to a grand start, but I am rolling on! My internet was out all weekend, so I wasn't able to upload the one week nail photo for today. I realized this project never was posted, so I am sharing now! I have become a hoarder of tumblers from the Dollar Tree. I went there went they had these printed tumblers and brought them all and I also have a lot of each solid color of tumbler. I discovered a coworker's birthday was the following day, so I went home and cut out these triangles for the stamped banner, this Happy Birthday to you card, and Lavonne cut out of bright green vinyl. I folded the card, cut some backer paper for it out of the remains of the cut banner and adhered to the tiny details of the cut front. I carefully added the vinyl Lavonne to the printed tumbler. I stamped happy birthday on each triangle and then glued it to bakers twine to make a little banner to go on her work monitor. At the time this was done, we were all working side by side in one big room because of damage to our building. There was not much room for decorations. Someone else brought her balloons that we put behind the monitor and then this cheery banner on the monitor completed the decorations. She loved it and was touched by the card and tumbler. I may have talked her into getting an explore. She asked how I made the card. This one was free in Design Space subscription. This weekend was the only time in ayear the internet has gone down that I couldn't use my explore. I have a card that I saved for my Grandma T's birthday tomorrow. I must go back to cutting two cards each from Artfully Sent and building back my stock! I also have in some super cute CTMH stamps that I must share. I can at least use them without internet, but I can't post without the internet. It's been going up and down.On to the pictures!

I made these the end of Feb. I hope you enjoyed my chatty blog today! I will show my update of my Jamberry manicure as soon as I can. I also can't wait to show my step by step painting! Maybe I'll go by a friends house and get them uploaded.

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