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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Neighbor's Birthday

Corrine, (my neighbor)'s birthday, is today. I have been reading and looking at ads for the new Dunkin Hines Frosting creations.  I sent her the website that shows all the flavors and said "pick out the one you want to try"  She picked Mocha and let me just say it's the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate. The chocolate doesn't over power the coffee taste. It's perfect.  It really is.  So, I baked up some yellow cupcakes and crosted them.  I couldn't find my plain Jane white cupcake liners, so I used my sunflower ones. I put them on my celebrate pampered chef plate and I plan to take them over when she gets home in the next few mins. I wanted to use my Cupcake Wrappers cricut cartridge, but I couldn't find the size I should cut it for the imagine and it wouldn't cut on my cricut personal.  It would have been too much with the sunflower liners , they are too pretty anyway.  I was going to make a cupcake topper, but they looked so good after I frosted them using my pampered chef decorator gun that I'm happy with them.  They taste amazing.  J and I had to taste one so we each had half of one. I made Corrine a card too. Was a stampin up stamp set. I don't know the name, brought it at a yard sale. And I used some Happy birthday ribbon and scrap paper. I stamped the flowers in black on grayish cardstock and then colored with coloring pencils.

My first cricut project from years ago. I bring it out every spring. I happily hung it up today!  It's in my kitchen were the telephone jack it. Ugly telephone jack, but this signs is a pretty disguise!!!


  1. I didn't realize that you had a blog back then... These cupcakes were delicious and the card was beautiful. Thanks so much for thinking of me <3.